Anthropologie Knockoff Bedding

I found this online at Kojodesigns and cannot wait to try it out!  Looks like I have a serious project to try this weekend.  Love it!










Can’t Beat 92¢

I cannot remember what blog I found this on, but I thought it was a great idea!  If you find the blog, please let me know so that I can link to the original blogger.

So, we are on a super tight budget for the next four years (I know, super fun!!) so when I found the idea for this online and then the frame at Michael’s for $1, I knew I had to try it.  Yep, I only paid 92¢ because Michael’s gives all teachers 15% off all of the time!

Let me know what you think of our new fabric and decoupaged door welcome sign!

Festive and Beautiful Flowers


This evening I really wanted to see if I could make the flowers from DIY Dish.  The first one I really wanted to make so I have something cute to wear in my hair for Valentines.  I put one on a ponytail holder and the other on a bobbi pin.   That way I can decide how to wear it on Monday!


The second flower I made thinking I would put it onto a headband and have a cut hair accessory.  I am also thinking about making another one to put on a necklace.  Super cute, so easy and SUPER inexpensive because I bought all of my fabric either on sale or with a coupon!

Cutest Pin Cushion Ever

On Tip Junkie today,  I noticed the absolute cutest owl pin cushion ever.  Sooooo, I had to follow the link that led me straight to one of my new favorite sites, The DIY Dish!  Two hours later (yes, I did look through the site for that long!) I decided that DIY Dish sisters have awesome videos, giveaways and  the cutest pin cushion patter for free!

Although I have not made one yet, it is definitely in my future, along with a trip to Michael’s for some fabric purchased with my lovely gift card from my lovely sister-in-law.


Homemade Vanilla

My mom and Grandpa both have birthdays in February, just one day apart! This is great for our family because it gives a perfect  excuse for everyone to come together and celebrate; sort of like a BOGO of birthdays. (arent they cute?? :))

This year, I had a really difficult time deciding what to get my mom.  We have done the usual: clothes, shoes, craft supplies (she is an amazing crochet-er), gift cards, books, movies, music, and the occasional concert tickets.  I wanted nothing more than to “get” her something useful that was not just more stuff.

After perusing one of my favorites, Tip Junkie, I found a link to a Homemade Vanilla Kit by Courtney at Pizzazzerie.   My mom is an incredible baker/cooker/homemaker and uses vanilla all of the time.  It seems like it could be the perfect gift!

I found a clear glass bottle at World Market {sorry Mom, it’s from China} and soaked the bottle in really hot soapy water.  This was probably totally unnecessary, but made me feel much better, because of what I was about to fill the bottle with.

Before adding the vanilla beans to the bottle, I sliced them down the center to hopefully encourage more vanilla flavor…sounded good to me.  Once the beans were inside, I covered the bottle with none other than 40 proof Vodka…ick.  Surely the Vodka will kill any germs that were left.

I finished the bottle off with a label made using Photoshop Elements {April Free Kit from Crystal Wilkerson at Two Peas}, attached a ribbon and viola! Beautiful gift ready for giving.

Football Goodies

Happy day-after-the-Super-Bowl everyone!  I am sure you all thoroughly enjoyed the game or your time enjoying whatever activity you did Sunday evening.

I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s families house (phew, lots of words!) for the game because my husband was busy studying up a storm for his law school classes.  Like many of us do, I needed to take a dish over for the game and was told to bring a dessert.  After some online searching, and a request from my hubby, I decided to make cake balls in the shape of footballs just like Bakerella and Dream Bars from AllRecipes.

The Dream Bars were a breeze and super, super delicious.  The cake balls, on the other hand, looked pretty good but were SUCH a beating!!

Now, a smart girl would have just followed Bakerella to a T, especially because hers actually worked!!

but oh, not me…

It was my first time to make Cake Balls, and as many of you know, you first bake the cake, let it cool a bit, mix in a whole can of icing and stick in the fridge to harden.  So far, no problem.  Then, I had to use a melon baller to scoop out the mixture and shape into a football.  This was pretty difficult, which probably means I was doing something wrong! After that, I froze the little footballs, melted chocolate and coated the mixture in chocolate.  This was not perfect either! If you know how to make the chocolate coating thinner, please please share!

Regardless, I piped the stitches on the footballs and took them to the party.  At least they looked alright!

Funny thing was, another party-goer made Cake Balls too; Great minds think alike 🙂

Class Valentines

With Valentines Day around the corner, I have been spending quite a bit of time looking around online to find something creative and inexpensive for my students.  After coming across Martha Stewart’s handmade Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers, I thought I had found the perfect gift for my students.  Boy was  I WRONG.

After reading the directions carefully, I realized I was going to need to cut out 4 hearts per students.  I have 20 students and did NOT want to cut out 80 of anything, let alone small HEARTS!  Not going to do it; wouldn’t be prudent.

I really liked the idea of hearts {obviously goes great with the day of love} but I was only willing to cut out 20. Period.  I know, they are just hearts, but I die cut for a living and had NO desire to cut out more than necessary.  After playing around on my computer, I came up with a quick card , glued a small heart to each and then added a Hershey’s Kiss on to for a little sweetness.

Hope the kiddos like their gift!