I want S’more Snow!

Today, when I woke up to NO alarm **yipee!!** I could think of nothing but “I love snow days!!” But, then two hours into my second snow day, all I could think was boo for the second snow day in a row due to incredible amounts of ice on the road.  Yes, I did not have to go to work, but boring, I did not have much else to do because I could not drive anywhere!

So, this morning I asked my lovely husband who has 4-wheel drive (and didnt have to go into the office until noon) to take me to the grocery store to pick up some gelatin so I could make a homemade marshmallow recipe I saw last night while browsing around Food Network. . Turns out Alton Brown has a pretty great recipe, at least according to about 180 reviewers! Now, I am not a huge plain-marshmallow fan, but I absolutely love s’mores.  So I decided what better way to use up leftover graham crackers and chocolate chips than to make S’more marshmallows! With my first time to make marshmallows underway, I was so glad I had all day.

First off, because the high in my house has been a solid 54 degrees today, it definitely took a lot longer than the recipe stated for the sugar/corn syrup/water mixture to reach 240 degrees.  But when it did, I was ready.  To my amazement (keep in mind, I am a homemade marshmallow 1st timer), after pouring the sugar mixture into the gelatin, it started turning white immediately and fluffed up just like the recipe said it would!

(sorry for the lack of pictures, I just didn’t even think about it!)

So, after the marshmallows whipped up light and fluffy, I smoothed them onto their 9 x 13″ pan to relax for four hours. !

While the timer was counting down its last 15 minutes of the rest period, I got to work melting the chocolate in a double boiler, crushing the graham crackers and setting out two cookie sheets for the marshmallows to cool on.

After slicing the marshmallows with a pizza cutter covered in powdered sugar and cornstarch, I got to work dipping them into the chocolate and graham cracker.  The only thing I wish I would have done was to not cover the marshmallows with as much of the powdered sugar mixture before dipping them into the chocolate.  Just like the mixture keeps the mallows from sticking to your hands, it also lets that chocolate just slide right off!

Well, after all of the hard work, the final product turned out delicious!  I just need to get a few gift boxes to put them in, and then deliver them to my neighbors.  I will definitely make these again!!


2 thoughts on “I want S’more Snow!

  1. OMG!!! (Yes, I just said “OMG.”) They look freakin’ delish! I mean deeelish. I think they look even better before the chocolate and graham crackers – because I AM a huge marshmallow fan. Brave the ice. Bring me some. Come relieve my cabin fever with a magnificent mammoth marshmallow.

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