Football Goodies

Happy day-after-the-Super-Bowl everyone!  I am sure you all thoroughly enjoyed the game or your time enjoying whatever activity you did Sunday evening.

I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s families house (phew, lots of words!) for the game because my husband was busy studying up a storm for his law school classes.  Like many of us do, I needed to take a dish over for the game and was told to bring a dessert.  After some online searching, and a request from my hubby, I decided to make cake balls in the shape of footballs just like Bakerella and Dream Bars from AllRecipes.

The Dream Bars were a breeze and super, super delicious.  The cake balls, on the other hand, looked pretty good but were SUCH a beating!!

Now, a smart girl would have just followed Bakerella to a T, especially because hers actually worked!!

but oh, not me…

It was my first time to make Cake Balls, and as many of you know, you first bake the cake, let it cool a bit, mix in a whole can of icing and stick in the fridge to harden.  So far, no problem.  Then, I had to use a melon baller to scoop out the mixture and shape into a football.  This was pretty difficult, which probably means I was doing something wrong! After that, I froze the little footballs, melted chocolate and coated the mixture in chocolate.  This was not perfect either! If you know how to make the chocolate coating thinner, please please share!

Regardless, I piped the stitches on the footballs and took them to the party.  At least they looked alright!

Funny thing was, another party-goer made Cake Balls too; Great minds think alike 🙂


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