Homemade Vanilla

My mom and Grandpa both have birthdays in February, just one day apart! This is great for our family because it gives a perfect  excuse for everyone to come together and celebrate; sort of like a BOGO of birthdays. (arent they cute?? :))

This year, I had a really difficult time deciding what to get my mom.  We have done the usual: clothes, shoes, craft supplies (she is an amazing crochet-er), gift cards, books, movies, music, and the occasional concert tickets.  I wanted nothing more than to “get” her something useful that was not just more stuff.

After perusing one of my favorites, Tip Junkie, I found a link to a Homemade Vanilla Kit by Courtney at Pizzazzerie.   My mom is an incredible baker/cooker/homemaker and uses vanilla all of the time.  It seems like it could be the perfect gift!

I found a clear glass bottle at World Market {sorry Mom, it’s from China} and soaked the bottle in really hot soapy water.  This was probably totally unnecessary, but made me feel much better, because of what I was about to fill the bottle with.

Before adding the vanilla beans to the bottle, I sliced them down the center to hopefully encourage more vanilla flavor…sounded good to me.  Once the beans were inside, I covered the bottle with none other than 40 proof Vodka…ick.  Surely the Vodka will kill any germs that were left.

I finished the bottle off with a label made using Photoshop Elements {April Free Kit from Crystal Wilkerson at Two Peas}, attached a ribbon and viola! Beautiful gift ready for giving.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Vanilla

  1. I’m keeping it in a dark place and trying to remember to shake it gently each day. I love it and can’t wait until April to try it! In the mean time, my Vincedora vanilla, from Mexico, will have to do.

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