How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the 72 different stitches!

Thank you to my wonderful mom (as you can tell from the past post, I have amazing parents!) and my wonderful husband, I now own a beautiful new Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine.  It is AH-mazing.

There are a million (okay, really only 72) different types of stitches.  I wanted a quick reference for the first 20 because they seemed like the ones I would use the most, so I made glued a few pieces of fabric into a shadow box I had laying around.  My last machine had a grand total of FOUR stitches, so I really wanted to find the ones I want to use quickly.

The bobin holder is CLEAR, so you can tell when it runs out and not keep sewing and sewing and sewing without the bottom thread.  It has an automatic needle threader that I L-O-V-E because I no longer have to lick the end of the thread or cut it down a million times.  OH! And did I tell you there is another thread cutter built into the machine that cuts the thread after you sew so that you do not have to scour the room for that ONE PAIR OF SCISSORS YOU CANNOT FIND.  hehe, can you tell this has happened?  Anyway, my first project was a University of Texas Longhorn quilted bag.  Cannot wait for my next project: a sewing machine cover!


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