Magic (oh my gosh I love this stuff) Shell

I. Love. Magic. Shell.  No lie. 

But I rarely buy the stuff because a) I will eat it all in one week and b) nothing that goes from liquid to solid like that can possibly be made with ingredients I can pronounce.  We try to eat relatively healthy around this place, so Magic Shell is really a once in a LONG while purchase.

But, then (while I was supposed to be studying…) I saw this, a homemade magic shell recipe.  Studying got thrown out the window…or just shoved the side for a few minutes…and I whipped this up.

And to make things even better, I poured it on ice cream.  Right in the container.  And it got hard. And it was good. SOOOOO good.

Find Homemade Magic Shell Recipe here

**I made a few changes.  I added 3/4 c. chocolate chips and used unrefined coconut oil.  It definitely has a coconut-y flavor, so be sure to use refined if you do not like coconut.  Mine tastes just like an Almond Joy!!!**


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