Fabric Organizer

After purchasing my sewing machine a few months ago, I have already accumulated a plethora (school starts in less than a month…working on bringing back my vocabulary :)) of fabric. In combo with my husband at a bachelor party, this weekend was the perfect time for some cleaning and re-organizing of our office/craft room/study room/gun room.

We have a tiny home with even tiny-er closets.  Between the enormous gun safe (and I mean enormous) books, desks, and two people’s stuff, there is really not a whole lot of space left to put this fabric and it was dying for a home!! Err…my husband was dying for it to find a home.

Since we are on a budget (I also adore re-budgeting when he goes out of town, yep I am that girl), purchasing something new was out of the question.  Plus, I really don’t have any more floor space to put stuff and hanging something on the wall is out of the question in such a small room.

So, I found this old shoe holder from college and went to work.  It holds my fabric perfectly!!


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