June Bug

I am not sure if you have met my dog yet. But you should. 🙂 When we got her, she was tiny.

And cute.She chewed on our grass.

And loved to fly through the air.  I swear we didn’t throw her.

Now, she loves to sleep with toys in her mouth.

I am not kidding.

She licks like crazy.

And sort of looks like a lion. Or chewbaca.  Or maybe those little monkey critters in Star Wars.

But most of all, we love her for being, well, June Bug.


One thought on “June Bug

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so going to have to show this post to my hubby. My dog has that same stuffed tree stump (except hers doesn’t look in good shape like that any more ) and she does the same thing as your dog. She sleeps with it in her mouth! We call it her “security blankie”. Isn’t it weird that they do that? If they were pups I would think it was a teething thing but we can’t figure out what it is about that tree stump that she enjoys so much to sleep with it in her mouth. June Bug is adorable!

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