new bag AND updated lighting!

Ever since I started Gradschool, I have been study-study-studying all of the time.  Now, it is getting close to my finals for one of the classes, and I want to do anything BUT study!  So, I am compromising and studying-something else-something else-something else-studying.  Sounds like a plan, right?

After my first bag train-wreck…it looks WAY cuter in the picture than in real life…I made another one and actually used burlap.

I know the lighting is super bad (still using my phone!) but this one turned out much better.  After making it, I decided I wanted the lining on the outside because it was so much better than the scratchy burlap! And, ps., burlap sheds all over.  Boo burlap.  But the bag turned out super cute.  Even June (the cute pup below) thinks so.

Now, on to the lighting.  My home, goodness I love it (no, really I do), is about 12 years old and NOTHING had ever been updated, touched, painted, redone before we moved in, EXCEPT the carpet.  As you can imagine, there was brass EVERYWHERE.  We have since replaced almost all of the lighting in the house, with the exception of our entry way, dining room (both for another day) and the outdoor lighting.  During one of my many online blog searching, I came across a blogger who had (cleverly) spray painted her existing brass outdoor lighting and it looked fantastic!

It was already ugly, so what did I have to loose?  So, $5.97, painters tape left over from repainting last summer and some old newspaper later, I was ready to start.

You might think this is a little much, but TRUST me, the last thing you want on the side of your house is black spray paint!

At this point, I was SUPER nervous that I had not actually taped EVERYTHING and somehow the reveal was going to show how I had ruined my house…

But, turns out, I didn’t ruin my house!  A little sand paper got the excess spray paint off of the grout and viola!


Cute Bag via La Maison Reid

After finding this blog, and more specifically this super cute bag at La Maison Reid, I decided I had to at least try to make it!

Now, I am NO expert sewer, but I can thread a needle, so I decided to give it a shot and here is what I got!

Now, it took me longer than Mrs. Reid for sure, but I learned a ton! I cannot wait to make another one and use actual burlap. 🙂

Scrapbooking Retreat

This last weekend, I tried something brand spankin’ new…a scrapbooking retreat! Thanks to the invitation from my wonderful friend at work, I spent the entire weekend in Roanoke at Oak Street Cottage.  It was AMAZING! First of all, the accommodations were pristine.  The cottage was super cute, super clean and had 4 1/2 baths.  With 12 women, you cannot beat that!  The twin beds had the most comfy pillow top and beautiful duvet covers.  We all signed up for a meal/snack, so the food was delicious!  I had some blueberry frenchtoast like cobbler thing for breakfast that was UN-believable.  But my friend and I did get in a little Babe’s because it was withing walking distance.  We just got it to-go!

The charm of the home was unmatched, however, by the kind and accepting women I met on the trip.  Only knowing one person, I was a wee bit nervous, but I shouldn’t have been! These scrappers were serious, but so kind and friendly. The scrapbooking abilities I saw in the two large workrooms covering the 8 foot tables was amazing.  Tools, glitter, Stickles, punches, Cricut cartridges and some thing that turns ANYTHING into a sticker were a few of the overwhelming sights. By the end of the weekend, I had twelve more pages scrapped and felt very productive…although one super effeicient, super creative woman finished 44!  I can only hope they will invite me again!

Sewing Machine Cover

Now that I have this nifty new sewing machine, I wanted to make cover for it when the machine is not in use. Just seemed like the right thing to do!

So, I headed to Michael’s with my crazy good coupons and bought some quilted fabric, cotton fabric and ruffle trim.

When I got home, I did some crazy amounts of measuring because I did not have a pattern. I even drew it out on tissue paper so that I could cut straight!! The hardest part of the measurements were making sure I included a seam allowance on both sides. The fraction addition happened about four times, just in case…it’s not like I had a ton of extra fabric!

Here is the final product. I LOVE how vibrant one side is and how calm the other side is. Now, the machine can either disappear into the background or stand out!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the 72 different stitches!

Thank you to my wonderful mom (as you can tell from the past post, I have amazing parents!) and my wonderful husband, I now own a beautiful new Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine.  It is AH-mazing.

There are a million (okay, really only 72) different types of stitches.  I wanted a quick reference for the first 20 because they seemed like the ones I would use the most, so I made glued a few pieces of fabric into a shadow box I had laying around.  My last machine had a grand total of FOUR stitches, so I really wanted to find the ones I want to use quickly.

The bobin holder is CLEAR, so you can tell when it runs out and not keep sewing and sewing and sewing without the bottom thread.  It has an automatic needle threader that I L-O-V-E because I no longer have to lick the end of the thread or cut it down a million times.  OH! And did I tell you there is another thread cutter built into the machine that cuts the thread after you sew so that you do not have to scour the room for that ONE PAIR OF SCISSORS YOU CANNOT FIND.  hehe, can you tell this has happened?  Anyway, my first project was a University of Texas Longhorn quilted bag.  Cannot wait for my next project: a sewing machine cover!

Can’t Beat 92¢

I cannot remember what blog I found this on, but I thought it was a great idea!  If you find the blog, please let me know so that I can link to the original blogger.

So, we are on a super tight budget for the next four years (I know, super fun!!) so when I found the idea for this online and then the frame at Michael’s for $1, I knew I had to try it.  Yep, I only paid 92¢ because Michael’s gives all teachers 15% off all of the time!

Let me know what you think of our new fabric and decoupaged door welcome sign!

Festive and Beautiful Flowers


This evening I really wanted to see if I could make the flowers from DIY Dish.  The first one I really wanted to make so I have something cute to wear in my hair for Valentines.  I put one on a ponytail holder and the other on a bobbi pin.   That way I can decide how to wear it on Monday!


The second flower I made thinking I would put it onto a headband and have a cut hair accessory.  I am also thinking about making another one to put on a necklace.  Super cute, so easy and SUPER inexpensive because I bought all of my fabric either on sale or with a coupon!