Cleaning Calendar

Cleaning Calendar PDF

Now that my grad school classes are finally done (AMEN!), it is time for me to get back to taking care of my home.  Although it is not my favorite thing to do, cleaning has to bet done.  I am a SUPER procrastinator, so I found this great list of items to do everyday to help keep your home clean.  While I read the list, I realized there are things I NEVER do, like clean the baseboards.  Oh well, now I will!

I made this little calendar to help me keep on track.  Laminating the page will allow me to write the dates for each month in those little white boxes.  I realize not every month has exactly 30 days, but I figured we can all be a little flexible and figure it out. 🙂



Washing tennis shoes??

Today, I noticed one of the lovely ladies I work with had some sparkling white tennis shoes.  When I asked her if she bought a new pair, she told me “No, I threw them in the washer.”


I feel like, when growing up, my mom used to throw my shoes in the washing machine, but something about is still seems…wrong.  How often do you hear parents telling kids to keep out of the water so that they don’t get their shoes wet!?

Thank goodness I can ask Google; does anyone remember what it was like when people used to have to look things up or call on a land line!? hehe 🙂

Here are a few nuggets I gleamed from my search: says that shoe laces are a great thing to wash, but if you really want to wash your shoes, remove the soles first to allow them to air.  Then, stick them in the washer on a low water temp and delicate.  Apparently, don’t ever put them in the dryer!

If those directions are still a little unclear, visit eHow for (litterally) step-by-step directions.

I am not sold on the idea quite yet, but if my tennies get too nasty, I might not have a choice!

The Huntress

My husband is currently married to law school. (SMU, you are a lucky lady!!) Because he spends so much time with her and her books, I keep myself entertained around the house…and with my dog.

Today, while I was studying for my grad school classes, June (my dog) sat by the doggie door.  For two hours.  Just like this.  For two hours.  She. just. sat. for. two. hours.

She wants to catch those squirrels so bad, she has had to resort to stalking from a distance.  Now she is outside barking.  Oh the life of a pup!

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

I love me a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk.  Yum-o! In case you haven’t been watching the news lately, I live in North Texas and it has been H.O.T.  I was dying for a glass of chocolate milk but dont buy regular chocolate syrup.  I did have water, sugar, cocoa, salt and vanilla on hand, so I tried to make my own.  Famous last words right!?

First, I made a simple syrup of one part water to two parts sugar.  In my case, I used one cup water and two cups sugar.

I brought the sugar water to a boil until all sugar was dissolved and then added a half cup cocoa, some salt and a little vanilla.  Not super scientific but worth a shot….in the dark…chocolate.  hehehe 🙂

Once the mixture was the consistency I thought looked good…I let it cool on the stove a little bit. At this point, I had NO idea how it tasted because it was boiling hot!!

Once it cooled down, I poured it into this sweet little container and left a little bit out for my chocolate milk.  BOY was it chocolate-y!!

Have you ever made your own chocolate syrup? I would love to know if there is a better way.  For now, I will go with the less-is-more-but-oh-so-delicious chocolate syrup I made that sits in my fridge!

Keeping It Simple

Tip Junkie handmade projects

new bag AND updated lighting!

Ever since I started Gradschool, I have been study-study-studying all of the time.  Now, it is getting close to my finals for one of the classes, and I want to do anything BUT study!  So, I am compromising and studying-something else-something else-something else-studying.  Sounds like a plan, right?

After my first bag train-wreck…it looks WAY cuter in the picture than in real life…I made another one and actually used burlap.

I know the lighting is super bad (still using my phone!) but this one turned out much better.  After making it, I decided I wanted the lining on the outside because it was so much better than the scratchy burlap! And, ps., burlap sheds all over.  Boo burlap.  But the bag turned out super cute.  Even June (the cute pup below) thinks so.

Now, on to the lighting.  My home, goodness I love it (no, really I do), is about 12 years old and NOTHING had ever been updated, touched, painted, redone before we moved in, EXCEPT the carpet.  As you can imagine, there was brass EVERYWHERE.  We have since replaced almost all of the lighting in the house, with the exception of our entry way, dining room (both for another day) and the outdoor lighting.  During one of my many online blog searching, I came across a blogger who had (cleverly) spray painted her existing brass outdoor lighting and it looked fantastic!

It was already ugly, so what did I have to loose?  So, $5.97, painters tape left over from repainting last summer and some old newspaper later, I was ready to start.

You might think this is a little much, but TRUST me, the last thing you want on the side of your house is black spray paint!

At this point, I was SUPER nervous that I had not actually taped EVERYTHING and somehow the reveal was going to show how I had ruined my house…

But, turns out, I didn’t ruin my house!  A little sand paper got the excess spray paint off of the grout and viola!