Washing tennis shoes??

Today, I noticed one of the lovely ladies I work with had some sparkling white tennis shoes.  When I asked her if she bought a new pair, she told me “No, I threw them in the washer.”


I feel like, when growing up, my mom used to throw my shoes in the washing machine, but something about is still seems…wrong.  How often do you hear parents telling kids to keep out of the water so that they don’t get their shoes wet!?

Thank goodness I can ask Google; does anyone remember what it was like when people used to have to look things up or call on a land line!? hehe 🙂

Here are a few nuggets I gleamed from my search:

About.com says that shoe laces are a great thing to wash, but if you really want to wash your shoes, remove the soles first to allow them to air.  Then, stick them in the washer on a low water temp and delicate.  Apparently, don’t ever put them in the dryer!

If those directions are still a little unclear, visit eHow for (litterally) step-by-step directions.

I am not sold on the idea quite yet, but if my tennies get too nasty, I might not have a choice!